Friday, May 20, 2011

Listen to the Sound

Happy Friday, blog buddies! I love Fridays...and I LOVE music. So, since today is fave song Friday, it is only right that I share with you one of my new found favorite songs!
Building 429 is a Christian group that I really like. They have some fantastic music - great meaning in their songs.
Listen to the Sound is one of their new songs, and I am a HUGE fan.
You know, we all mess up sometimes. Every one of us has done something that we regret or said something we would like to take back. Maybe we've had something done to us that we think we will never overcome.
I think alot of teenagers today, in particular, feel that they can't be forgiven - they can't overcome their problems. They are stuck in this never ending cycle of mistakes.
GOOD NEWS! That type of attitude couldn't be further from the truth. Isn't it safe to say that the God who said "Be of good cheer - I have overcome THE WORLD!" is perfectly capable of rescuing us out of the pit of sin and lifting us up into a purpose-filled, successful, Christ-honoring life? ABSOLUTELY.
Friend, I don't care who you are, what you've done, where you've been - it really doesn't matter to me. And it certainly doesn't matter to God. He wants you. He loves you. He desires  a relationship with you.
Listen to the Sound talks about that hope we find in God. He is all the hope we need. And in the end, if we follow Him and His plan for our lives, that hope will be turned into reality.
Be happy; be encouraged - He has overcome the world. Pretty sure He can overcome your problems, too. Just ask Him!

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  1. I work with young people every day. They seem to have a lot of anger in their hearts toward authority, each other, and probably themselves. Knowing that God forgives and receives sinful "men" is a great promise for all to cling to. Thanks Sis. I didn't get to listen to your song. I love you and am proud of you!