Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catching Up...

It’s been a crazy long time since I blogged. I miss it. I want to write more often. I’m gonna try to get a post in here and there. I dare not set myself a schedule, because we have enough of that going on in the Shackleford residence these days. So, catching up…


What’s new with Jaxon? Well, he’s a whopping 14 months old now. He’s walking, running – sprinting, even! And we are trying to keep up with him. He keeps us laughing. That kid has a super personality coupled with a super temper at times. I think he got that from mommy and daddy equally. Jaxon loves lots of things – especially trains (both Chuggington and Thomas), Mickey, any type of ball, shooting hoops, playing outside, eating pretty much everything when he wants to, and generally anything else little ones enjoy. He has at least seven teeth, but he won’t let me check things out in that mouth of his! He sleeps very well, gives sweet loves (when he wants to) and is his dad’s biggest fan (If you don’t count me…). I could write ALL DAY about Jaxon. He is growing and learning so much each day.


What’s new with momma? My time is 100% monopolized by two handsome men. Then there’s the house, the laundry, the dishes (which Josh so graciously does MOST of the time for me because I hate it so), church stuff, and my 32-hour-a-week day job as an Administrative Assistant. LIFE! It is so crazy and even more wonderful. Most days I feel like I am not so good at this, but the Lord is helping me daily. If I had to pick one word that describes me right now it would be THANKFUL.   


What’s new with daddy? He’s amazing, as per usual. Always working hard for us. Making me happy, and keeping Jaxon laughing. Always busy being our real-life super hero. Jaxon looks just like him, and I surely hope he grows up acting just like him, too.


Josh and I are learning a lot about a variety of things right now. Parenting is a jungle we are exploring cautiously. It has its hard moments, but we are grateful that God has blessed us with such an awesome little buddy. He is truly wonderful and just a good boy most all the time. He has his rough patches, just like any little one does. But he is a good boy.  Having him has caused us to think about and question a lot of things personally – from God stuff to every day decisions. Now, I don’t mean we are questioning God as in why He does this or that. I mean questioning things we’ve been taught growing up, whether it be standards or other things. We are finally in the stage of life where it is important to ask WHY and be given a good, clear answer. It won’t be long before Jaxon is asking us why. Josh and I both agree there are definitely times when we will give the classic, “because I said so” answer. But we also agree there are times we want to explain the reason why. We continue to learn and grow.


In a word (or three) life is good. Moving forward, I intend for this blog to be a place where I chronicle every day life. In the midst of the “normal stuff,” though, I want to share with you my spiritual thoughts and ways that the Lord is working in my life as a wife, mom and Christian. Stay tuned…

Friday, October 21, 2011


I haven’t been so good at keeping my posts updated lately. Bottom line – TOO busy. This is such a busy time of year for us, it seems. And holidays are coming up fast, so…no rest for the wicked – I mean the weary! (LOL) But, just to keep those of you updated who are STILL hanging in there with me and checking my blog (bless your hearts), I feel like taking the time to write a little bit today.

Pregnancy is really something. I am in my 26th week (in my 6th month, nearing 7, according to the pregnancy “bible” – What to Expect When You’re Expecting). It has truly been a joy so far. It really has. I have been blessed with *almost* a complete lack of sickness. At the beginning I felt kinda rough from time to time, but I honestly cannot complain after knowing what my mom went through with my brother and me. I am so thankful! I know it is because my mom has been praying since Josh and I got married that I would not be sick like she was if - and when - we got pregnant. So, major shout out to my mom! So thankful for her, and that God hears and answers our prayers. He is gracious.
Our little man, Jaxon Joshua, is growing by leaps and bounds. He weighs about 2 pounds now. He is a wiggle worm, which Josh and I are so thankful for. It helps us know he’s ok. We are absolutely thrilled to find out what his personality will be like. Like Daddy? Like Momma? Or a perfect mix of both? OR totally different than either? We shall see! We’re just thankful God is allowing us to borrow our little Jaxon boy for a while. What an honor and a precious gift. We talk to him a lot. He can hear us now. Sometimes he even reacts. I tell him every day, “Daddy and Momma love you more than anyone else in this world ever could, but God loves you even more than we ever could.” Gotta teach ‘em early!

Dear Jaxon,
Momma can’t wait to hold you! It is hard to believe that I could love someone so much, whom I haven’t even personally met yet, but I do. Your daddy and I love you more than anyone ever could. But God loves you even more! Wow! I can’t wait to spend time rocking you, feeding you, reading to you, bathing you, playing with you, staring at you…I could go on and on!

Your room is coming along. We think you will LOVE it. It is so cute and so different – unlike anyone else’s. Daddy worked hard and made you some pretty cool wall art. He is still working on some things. Your daddy is awesome, Jaxon. You will ADORE him, like momma does. He adores you already!

Daddy and momma are excited make our family a family of 3. You will be such a wonderful addition!
Your grandparents, uncles, aunts, great grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, cousins, friends…(this list could go on forever)…are SO excited to meet you as well. Get those cheeks ready for some kisses, big guy! You are loved.
Everything we do, we talk about how fun it will be to do with you! Can’t wait to snuggle up with you, tickle you, play outside with you, watch some Batman with you (that was for daddy), watch some Mountaineer football and basketball with you, take you to your first football and basketball games (hopefully next year!), teach you how to talk and crawl and walk…oh boy, it is going to be TOO FUN! And we will be there every step of the way!
               So, keep cookin’ in there, big guy. We love you SOOO much! You will be here before we know it!

XOXO ~Momma

Check back for more pics and more posts – hopefully soon!