Friday, May 27, 2011

Congratulations, CLASS OF 2011!

Well, it’s high school graduation day for many. I love this time of year. New beginnings are everywhere. Naturally, it takes me back to my high school graduation. There were only 6 of us – 3 boys, 3 girls. (I went to Christian school, in case you’re wondering…) What a sweet night that was! I felt so grown up. And I was. We all were. I cherish the memories of high school and college, too. Sure, there are some things that I’d like to forget. But most everything I remember about those years is wonderful. I made some great friends – friends that will always be in my life. We don’t see each other every day anymore. Actually, I do see one of my fellow high school graduates EVERY day. My husband! Josh and I had the privilege of attending 7th-12th grade and college together. We just couldn’t get enough, so we got hitched, too. AND we work at the same company, too. I tell you, we just can’t get enough! LOL 
Though I don’t see the other 4 every day, they are in my thoughts. I think back often to fun class periods and school trips we had together. Lots of extremely fond and funny memories.
One of my favorite songs is Rascal Flatts' My Wish. It sums up my thoughts and feelings for all of my school friends – both high school and college – and for those of you who are graduating in 2011. Here’s to you…

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