Friday, April 1, 2011

When Answers aren't Enough There is Jesus

Got a question? I may or may not have the answer. I know someone who does have the answer, though. God does. But sometimes He doesn’t give us the response we’d like. Maybe it is yes; maybe it is no. Maybe the answer is wait. This Friday’s favorite song is so wonderful – great words – a great message. I enjoy music, not only for the beautiful sounds, but mainly for the words and how they are put together. That is why I love writing. It is such a challenge to put words together in such a way that they convey a feeling – not just a message alone. I am not sure who wrote the song “When Answers Aren’t Enough,” (I should look that up) but I know it has spoken to my heart! Truly, when the answer you get from God (or anyone else, for that matter) is just not what you hoped for, HE is all you need.

PS! Please pray for my brother, Daniel, this weekend and throughout the next 5 months. We will drop him off at a hotel Sunday night. He will leave Monday morning and fly to D.C., then Missouri for 9 weeks of basic training. We will see him for his graduation from basic, then he will continue with his Military Police training until September. He is excited to get started, and we are happy for him. We will miss him tons, though. Appreciate the prayers!!!

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  1. p.s.s....I should totally have told you who was singing this song. It is Bro. Kenny Baldwin. He is a youth pastor who speaks all over the country. His home church is Crossroads Baptist in Virginia, where his father is pastor. Check other videos of his awesome music on You Tube.