Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Of Shoes, Tumbles, Brothers and Missions...

    What a weekend and start to a new week we’ve had in the Shackleford household! Not only did we have the usual weekend rituals taking place, but also were dealing with my brother’s upcoming departure for basic training. Somewhere in the midst of everything, I managed to fall down my stairs at home. I am good at finding time for such things. This time, mind you, it had nothing to do with my being clutsy. I promise. You can ask my husband – he will verify that it was my shoes that did the dirty work.
So cute and yet so dangerous...
    I had been looking for some cute, silver flats for some time and finally found some – at WALMART – for three bucks. I *love* finding good deals. So great. I had worn them several times within the last couple weeks since I bought them. But Saturday it rained. Apparently my shoes had some sort of soft, almost fuzzy-feeling stuff on the bottom (which I never noticed) that didn’t like the wetness. Add to that my jubilant entrance to the stairwell and you have BAM. A bumpy trip from the tippy-top of the wooden stairs to the landing. That wild ride resulted in the most gargantuan bruise of the century – shaped like a heart – on my upper left hip. (Thought about posting a pic but – YUCKO.) Other bruises developed, too…on my leg, behind, back, etc. And you can imagine the soreness that followed. Honestly, though, it could have been so much worse. No broken bones, no concussions, no coma. I think I’ll live.

    We had a great time that evening with family, regardless of my ensuing soreness. Daniel had a good time, and that was the main reason we had gathered. Had a great dinner and spent some time together with family from out-of-town. Even snapped a few pictures! Here are just a couple...

Me, Daniel, Josh - never a dull moment.

Best parents and brother EVER.

    I have known for months now that Daniel would be leaving. I did a great job saying goodbye to him Sunday night, but when I walked out the door to leave, reality set in along with a few tears. Not too bad, though. We talked and texted all through the day Monday and Tuesday as he traveled here and there, catching planes. Then Tuesday when he texted to let me know he was almost to the base, reality set in again and I cried MORE. I think it’s that unknown feeling – not sure when he’ll be able to use his phone, if at all. But the overall feeling I have is excitement for him. This will be one of the greatest experiences of his life and will help him grow and mature, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

    Now we have made it to “hump day,” the mid-point of the week, and it is time to start Missions Conference at our church. I look forward to this each year. It always is interesting and encouraging to see missionaries and all they have been accomplishing for God throughout the world. What a blessing, and what a kick in the pants for me to see how much more I could be doing and NEED to be doing for God. Join us at 7 PM Wednesday-Friday, 6 PM Saturday if you’re in driving distance – Victory Baptist Church, Scott Ridge Road, Beaver, WV. Hit me up for more info if needed.

Busy life, full of adventures…more to come!

p.s. Thank you so much to all of you who met me through the linky party and posted sweet comments and thoughts! I am thankful for that information and excited to learn more about each of you and your blogs as well. Please keep in contact!

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  1. You certainly have been busy falling down stairs, eating, crying, texting and the like. You are such a blessing to so many, especially your "momma!"