Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Working on it...

I like to learn. There’s just something about gaining knowledge about a subject or process. It makes me feel smarter, I guess. HA! I am learning lately, though, that some lessons are hard to take in – hard to understand. God has been trying to teach me patience. It’s a toughy! I am one of those people who likes to have everything “so-so.” A place for everything; everything in its place. But in life, there are times when things seem out of whack. Sometimes you feel like you aren’t in control of circumstances, and it’s the truth. We aren’t in control. In fact, we should want to GIVE control over to God and let Him handle the little difficulties (or big storms) that come our way. But, HELLO, that is hard to do, right? Am I the only one who feels that way?
I admit, the more I am praying and seeking God to help me each day, He is doing just that. I do enjoy the feeling of taking that back pack of burdens off my back and passing it over to Him. He can handle it.
The song “Stand Still” by The Isaacs is one of my favorites. It should be playing as you read. The best part of the song – in my opinion –  comes in the chorus:
Stand still, and let God move. Standing still is hard to do. When you feel you have reached the end, He’ll make a way for you. Stand still, and let God move.
               Friend, let Him work for you, in you and through you today. When you feel that you’ve done everything you can do about a particular situation or relationship – whatever it may be – just stop trying, pray, and give that burden to the Lord. He’s strong enough to carry not only your burdens alone, but also those of the entire world! How about my God? He is really something!

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  1. That's my girl, impatient like Mom AND Dad. What a combination! I love to read things that you think. I hear all the inflections in your voice and feel your emotions. You are a great writer! You are a greater person!! I'm so proud of you.