Friday, March 18, 2011

Take Me Home...

Mazzulla Represents (taken from the Gold and Blue Zone)
Gotta share one of my all-time favorite songs with you today - Country Roads by John Denver. (Make sure you listen to his version, as well as the second version I have on my playlist by the Pride of WV - the Mountaineer Marching Band!) This song is appropriate right now, because it's MARCH, BABY! And it is certainly Madness as usual. Thankfully, my Mountaineers advanced yesterday and will play Kentucky Saturday to go to the Sweet 16. It will, no doubt, be a hard-fought game, and I have every confidence that my team can pull out a W. We will see what happens, though! You just never know what the outcome may be. I do know I am proud to be a Mountaineer and proud to have been born in the greatest state in the U.S. - Good ol' WV. Enjoy the music and enjoy the game Saturday, fellow Mountie fans! Let's GOOOOOOO...

John Flowers with a Dunk (taken from the WV Gazette)
Huggs (taken from Bleacher Report)

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  1. Your dad and mom have given you those strong convictions about sports and your roots. What is even more wonderful is you are as passionate about those you love and the Lord. Remember, the Lord doesn't want us to be lukewarm - (even about sports.)