Friday, February 4, 2011

My Constant

I get an email devotional called Girlfriends in God. I was reading along the other morning and the writer mentioned that she sometimes prays, “Lord, I am scattered, restless, and only half here.” Ever felt that way before? I know I have (and do). SCATTERED – in what feels like millions of directions…home, husband, family, work, church, etc. RESTLESS –  to get things done in all areas of my life, but needing to focus on one thing at a time. ONLY HALF HERE – trying to listen intently to the person speaking to me, but thinking of ten million other things. Yes, we have all been there. In fact, many of us linger there. Our journey seems to drag us sometimes, rather than allowing us to take control of the wheel.
As I thought about my busy, hectic life, God pricked my heart with this amazing truth: In a world filled with inconsistency, He is my one constant. Things change, people change, but God is the same – yesterday, today and forever!
So, today, in the midst of the [ORGANIZED] chaos, remember He is there…always. Tell Him all about your aggravations, your worries, your joys. Not only is He always with us, but He truly cares, too! Praise Him!

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