Friday, February 18, 2011

BAH - BAH - BAH...

I am certain the suspense is nearly killing you all. What could the first song be? OK, ok…I guess you’re probably not thrilled to the max, but I AM! I have to say, being someone who loves music, it was difficult to pick this first favorite. I hadn’t heard this song in a while, but my husband mentioned it to me the other day, so I decided to look it up. I enjoyed every note. Are you ready? (FYI - before you play the video clip, be sure to put my blog's music player on pause so you don't have two songs playing at once.)

Sweet Caroline, written and performed by Neil Diamond

I love this song for one reason. (Not because I love the Red Sox – sorry baseball fans!) I love it because it makes me happy! How can you not want to join in? Especially on that chorus – Sweeeeet Caroline, BAH – BAH – BAH…

So I hope you all enjoy this song today – and may you hum it incessantly…throwing in those BAH – BAH – BAHs, of course…as will I – ALL DAY LONG.

Have a blissfully happy Friday and a super-fun weekend!


  1. You're cute! :0) Brett is singing along with it right now! LOL 5 seconds into the song Brett said, I LOVE THIS SONG!

  2. haha! Glad he liked it - It is one of my faves for sure. Hope the Buckinghams are doing well! Tell your hubby I am enjoying his blog posts. So sweet...