Friday, December 3, 2010

Water, water, everywhere!

Ok, got a great story for you...
One Friday night last winter, Josh woke up in the middle of the night and thought he could hear water running. Concerned that we may have a flooded basement, he ran downstairs to check things out - all good! We couldn't find water anywhere. So, we went back to sleep, thinking nothing more about it. Josh had to go to work the next morning, so he got up about 6:30 and went outside to warm up the car. Not long after, he came back in to tell me we had a stream of water running down our sloped driveway which was freezing quickly, giving us our very own ice skating rink. NOT cool. So, enter the water company guy, who was thankfully able to locate the problem, but un-thankfully let us know WE had to pay to have it fixed. It was a simple thing - a broken fitting or something like that, so they were able to do a temporary fix. But the official "FIX" would have to be taken care of by us, due to the fact that the leak was on OUR side of the water meter. Joy joy joy.
A couple months back, we found a company who said they could easily fix the problem, and for not too high of a fee, which was great news! The difficult part was finding the time to fix it and having appropriate weather! Meanwhile, the leak has started easing its way out again, jacking our water/sewer bill up about 50%!! Well, I am writing this today to rejoice over the fact that IT IS BEING FIXED THIS AFTERNOON! (I hope.) That is the plan, anyways. Isn't it nice to read a story with a happy ending?

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