Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The ugliest word ever spoken is spelled...S-N-O-W!

Well, it is winter once again in good ol' WV. Actually, it's technically not even winter just yet, but we are getting all of the symptoms - cold, snow, wet - and sometimes icy - roads...and I am ALREADY sick of it. I will admit the roads seems to be better taken care of so far this year than last year. I'm honestly surprised they have cancelled school - I guess they will cancel it if it snows even an inch from now on.
Sure, sure - it's pretty to look at if you're sitting at home. I vote for sunshine all day today to melt this stuff away, then a light dusting of snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, followed by 80 degrees and sun until December 24th of 2011! Who's with me? :)

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