Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Magical!

This weekend I was chatting with my cousin who has two adorable little boys. She was telling me that her oldest, who is four, sat and talked about the Christmas tree for hours the other night after they put it up. I love it! Truly, Christmas is magical; first of all, in the fact that it is the time we celebrate as Jesus' birthday. It doesn't get more magical than that. Secondly, it is just a fun time, filled with laughter and joy and celebration! The lights, the music, the cooler (and sometimes snowy) weather, the family is all so magical! There's just something about it. Truthfully, I feel the same way this little guy did - I could sit and stare at the tree for hours, just enjoying the season. I am glad I still realize that magic - hopefully I ALWAYS will. Still a child at heart - can I get an Amen?!? As soon as I get my tree up, I plan to post pics - PLAN. :)
Everyone have a wonderful day!

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